Moving Forward with Technology


MIGH offers Basic Computer Literacy programs in Spanish and in English that benefit the Hispanic, Asian and African-American communities of the region.  Our programs are recognized as promoters of Parental Involvement as they are designed to assist parents understand the educational system in the US, to qualify them to help their children with their homework, and to further their own education.  MIGH Community Learning Centers (CLCs) network operates at schools, and community development and faith based organizations.  MIGH reaches out to those individuals genuinely interested in a solid prosperity.


Our programs increase the student educational and income level using readily available computer technology focused on addressing their need to improve: workforce skills, awareness about opportunities to generate progress and produce wealth, computer equipment and broadband access. MIGH provides support to vulnerable populations to generate self-sufficiency and financial stability/betterment.


Our core program, the Basic Computer Literacy Course is taught in Spanish and is available in English when the group needs to learn in that language.  Our programs primarily serve parents and grandparents (80% women) of school-age children (K-12).  Our Basic course delivers up to 100-hour of classroom instruction typically given over 16 weeks by an MIGH trained instructor, supported by our online tutors.  It is a proven and successful educational program teaching the skills that increase the student desired outcomes.  Our course is an in-depth learning experience not just a short overview of the material.  MIGH program provides working knowledge to qualify our students to find better paying jobs.



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