MIGH is always looking for opportunities to expand our successful partnership with local school systems and community development focused organizations.  In our more than 14 years in the adult educational field for adults we have graduated close to 17,000 adults.


Our Basic Computer Literacy students learn to use a computer, connect/navigate the Internet, set-up/use e-mail accounts, and level-one Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  MIGH understands that parents/grandparents are instrumental in their children or grandchildren’s academic success.  Our program has been adopted by numerous schools in the State of Texas and many nonprofit Community Development Centers.


MIGH also offers 50-classroom hour courses (Word, Excel, PowerPoint/Basic Finance for the Home) to enhance the students’ previously acquired skills and knowledge.  Call us today and get registered for the next course so that you can start making more money soon.  (713) 988-6699