The Mexican Institute of Greater Houston (MIGH) is once again a Pioneer.  We have started a unique Basic Computer Literacy program for inmates.  For the first time in the U.S.A. this is being offered to individuals interested in reinserting in society with the necessary skills to progress nowadays. 


MIGH developed a very practical program that was installed in its own laptops being used to teach Basic Computer Literacy in very restricted environments where internet connectivity is not available.  Nevertheless our students learn through our hands-on process as if they were connected to the internet. 


This is an MIGH’s proprietary program that was used by the first group of students, pregnant women staying at the Harris County jail in Houston, Texas.


This exceptional MIGH program, the only one in the country, became a reality after having been conceived and presented as a special project to Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia by MIGH.  Sheriff Garcia approved it for implementation and it has already produced the first group of graduates who went through MIGH’s intensive course of 100 classroom hours.  These women are now prepared to seek and find good paying jobs using the newly acquired skills attending this special MIGH course.


We are proud of our association with HCSO and are already conducting the second course for another group of female students. The agreement between HCSO and MIGH is indeed making possible a very positive initiative that is enabling these women to produce an income for their families while reintegrating to society with a stronger self-esteem strengthened through education.  They are receiving MIGH Certificates of Accomplishment that can certainly help them find good jobs.