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Mexican Institute of Greater Houston (MIGH)


Our successful and innovative programs address individual adult Hispanics, African Americans and Asians basic computer related educational needs. We improve the region’s workforce by teaching our students (parents) new skills so that they can use computers, better supervise their children’s Internet usage and help them with homework. It is important to emphasize that most of our students are members of the workforce. We now offer training in English and Spanish, responding to requests received from the African-American and Asian communities, and also the English speaking Hispanic Community. MIGH targets these vulnerable populations and LEP (Limited English Proficiency) individuals, low income, unemployed, and senior citizens.


We invite you to become a volunteer for MIGH


- You will see the impact of your work on improving the lives of many people who want to Change their Lives for a Better Tomorrow.


- At MIGH the adult students learn workforce skills that are basic Requisites to qualify for better paying positions. 


- As an MIGH volunteer you will gain new contacts, learn and improve office skills, use your current abilities as a Grant Writer, Liaison with Existing and Potential Donors, Spanish-English Translator, Motivator, Social Media Specialist, Creative Marketing Expert, MIGH Administrative Assistant, and more.


Call us today at (713) 988-6699. Ask for Mrs. Guzman and help us help those interested in Moving Forward in Life via Education. 






4601 Caroline St. Houston, TX, 77004

Telephone: 713-988-6699 - Fax. 713-988-6336


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