Accomplished milestones

About seven years ago we developed our own Educational Platform and parallel technology framework.  MIGH uses The Learning Management System (LMS), and the Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE) as the technical structures for it.  It is used in most of the countries and by close to 70 million people.


To create/maintain/update our platform and framework we counted with the assistance of the University of Houston's Texas Learning and Computation Center (TLC2) which fostered and supported interdisciplinary research, education and training in computational sciences.  Currently we have our own in-house IT and adult education professional in charge of that.


Since 2002, we have graduated close to 17,000 adults, most of them in the past six years. 


In 2012 we started to offer training in English as well, responding to requests received from the Asian and African-American, and English speaking Hispanics.


MIGH periodically updates and enhances its educational program curriculum and courses.




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